About us

Who are we: 
Kinga Africa is a registered non-governmental organisation based in Kenya. We are not for profit, with no religious or political affiliations. Established in 2011, we have since reached thousands of children through our smiles for a lifetime program. We have organized over 50 free dental camps in which we have offered free checkups and treatment including fillings, dentures, extractions, scaling, oral hygiene among other services.
We are committed towards educating children on correct oral health practices, menstrual and general hygiene. This includes important yet simple practices such as the importance of cleaning your teeth, and washing your hands correctly.
Our current focus is ensuring that communities make informed choices and take responsibility about their health
What do we do
Through community outreach to schools, orphanages, churches and other community groups we are providing much needed knowledge and tools for the people of Kenya to look after their own heath.
We are operating a school based Smiles for a lifetime program which provides education on oral health, menstrual hygiene, hand washing and general health.
We also provide extensive training to teachers and community leaders about general health and dental hygiene, enabling the continued education of the communities after our first visits. Majorly, our main focus in this training is fighting Infant Oral Mutilation
In order to fill the health gap in Africa, between health providers and the communities, we organize free dental camps. This increases access and affordability of dental care services. Our long term goal is to establish stationary clinics to improve access and affordability of health services to the the needy communities
We have a number of programs or projects under operation, view our programs page for more detailed information about these individuals programs. Volunteers, generous donations, and support from our affiliates ensure this program can go forward and help to educate the children and communities of Kenya.