Anyone Can Help – Change The World- For Better

We are committed to enhancing the health of communities in Africa. Our project involves holding hygiene lessons in schools, organizing free dental camps and fighting Infant Oral Mutilation. We have volunteer opportunities both in Kenya and where you are based (Volunteer at Home).The work we are doing is supported by individuals and corporate entities like you!!!! Every Amount Counts -Every Minute Counts -Welcome to Volunteer with us or just donate to support this work.

Volunteering with Kinga Africa is always a great experience. You will interact with New cultures, work in very disadvantaged communities, enjoy safaris and much more. We give volunteer certificates and other recommendations. Our portable dental equipment offer opportunities to dentists and other doctors and health professionals to offer services to those who need them most.

Donating financially and in kind amounts to increased number of children educated and people accessing free healthcare in Africa. We give reports and updates on the program progress on regular bases.

Infant Oral Mutilation is taking many children lives! Joining Kinga Africa is committing to educate communities on the dangers of IOM and saving many children from death and other infections caused by this outdated practice. Communities believe that teething causes diarrhea and fever! To prevent or cure these, they extract the ready-to-erupt baby teeth without any anesthesia. The surrounding environment and the tools used causes infections to the baby.

No baby should die in the hands of traditional ‘medicine men’! All children should access health education! All the communities of the world should access healthcare! You can be part of it.

Our team alone cannot muzzle these challenges; WE NEED YOUR HELP.