Smiles For a Lifetime

This program works in schools and aims to equip people, mostly children with good oral health practices and habits to help reduce and prevent dental problems. The program stresses the importance of hand washing with soap to prevent infections. It also empowers teenage girls with menstrual hygiene knowledge and provide them with sanitary pads. This ensures that they do not miss school during menses.

There are many benefits of good health choices and practices for our bodies and our general well-being. It is our mission to ensure that children and wider community throughout Africa get the right information that helps them in maintaining good oral hygiene. We supply the children we visit with free toothbrushes, tooth paste, sanitary pads for girls and educational materials.

We are have a small group of very dedicated, and well trained volunteers in our outreach program. There are many opportunities for volunteers to assist us in this program. All volunteers whether trained health care professionals, or someone who would like to make a difference in the lives of these young children, please contact us for more information about how you can help.


Action Against Infant Oral Mutilation

A-IOM aims to deter the practice of removing children’s teeth when they present with illness such as temperature. Reports indicate that there are strong cultural beliefs that the swelling in the area of the gums associated with the un-erupted cuspids (also referred to as ini, plastic teeth or nylon teeth) is a cause of persistent fever and diarrhea.

A traditional healer is consulted to remove or lance this area of the gums. Village traditional healers note swellings in the areas corresponding to unerupted canines that look paler than other parts of the jaw ridge and relate this to the cause of the child’s illness. In most instances, the lower cuspids are extracted bilaterally, but the extracting of upper cuspids and lower incisors has also been reported.

To stop the spread of this practice, Kinga Africa in partnership with like minded stakeholders running a campaign deemed ‘Action Against IOM’ in Machakos County. The components of this campaign include community education forums, training of community health volunteers (CHVs) and primary school teachers, educating mothers in pre and postnatal clinics and also targeting the traditional healers. The campaign’s main goal is to clear this myth and also equip the communities with knowledge on teeth development, hence saving the children all the hazardous results of the practice. Children are contracting HIV and other infections from IOM- Masinga Sub County has five confirmed cases. Other children die because of dehydration caused by prolonged diarrhea that goes untreated after the children’s teeth have been removed. The pain cause is unimaginable. We need a more support to muzzle this practice

Free Dental Camps

Dental Camps and Clinics play a vital role in providing affordable and accessible health care for communities in Kenya. There are less than 1000 registered dentists in Kenya, most of whom are either in cities or private practice,leaving the rural, needy people with no access to dental services.

Establishing dental health camps, and clinics ensures that current education and proper dental hygiene is maintained in those areas we have already visited through dental check-ups, dental treatment, referrals and data collection, and further education is easily accessible.

We have organized over 50 free dental camps offering services including checkups, extractions, fillings, dentures, scaling, oral hygiene among other services.

Our future plan is to establish stationary clinics to offer continuous services to the communities we serve. These clinics will be work stations for volunteer doctors.

To make this program work more effectively, we need  volunteer dentists, dental students, and medical practitioners to participate in these programs.