Free Dental Camps

Dental Camps and Clinics play a vital role in providing affordable and accessible health care for communities in Kenya. There are less than 1000 registered dentists in Kenya, most of whom are either in cities or private practice,leaving the rural, needy people with no access to dental services.

Establishing dental health camps, and clinics ensures that current education and proper dental hygiene is maintained in those areas we have already visited through dental check-ups, dental treatment, referrals and data collection, and further education is easily accessible.

We have organized over 50 free dental camps offering services including checkups, extractions, fillings, dentures, scaling, oral hygiene among other services.

Our future plan is to establish stationary clinics to offer continuous services to the communities we serve. These clinics will be work stations for volunteer doctors.

To make this program work more effectively, we need  volunteer dentists, dental students, and medical practitioners to participate in these programs.