The Need

Many children are losing their lives because of Infant oral Mutilation

Over 70% of Kenyan children do not access health education. Many of them have never seen a dentist owned a toothbrush

Girls are missing school at least four days every month during menses

There are less than 1,000 registered dentists serving over 42 million people

You can Help!

  • Organize a fundraiser for the project
  • Organize a party event
  • Give a birthday
  • Run/Walk/Ride
  • In Memory or in honor of
  • Church event

Join a campaign –Join us in fighting Infant oral mutilation

Contact us for more details.

Our objectives include:

  1. Educate children on good oral health practices.
  2. Provide tools for continuing peer oral health education and discussion.
  3. Dental discussion groups targeting minor dental treatment.
  4. Organise workshops for teachers on oral health.
  5. Volunteer programs including training, targeting professionals, dental students, medical students and other individuals.
  6. Organise Mobile Dental / oral health clinics.
  7. Conduct programs for children and the greater community about oral hygiene.
  8. Provide supplies to those we educate.

Are you a dental professional?

Calling all Dental Health Professionals to help in Kenya to educate communities about dental health and to participate in dental health camps.


Teaching the children on how to wash their hands 

Are you about to start a "gap year"?

Why not come to Africa, you can help children learn about heath and hygiene, and spend some free time exploring the great African wilderness!