My time with Kinga Africa was awe-inspiring. Coming into it, I had no idea what to expect. The rural villages we went to were filled with anxious children who lined the roads as we drove up. As we set up and started our education routine, it was obvious the children had never had access to even the most basic of hygiene resources toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hand soap. They watched in awe as we instructed them on how to properly use them and what the benefits they bring to personal and community health. Francis really amazed me. It’s no coincidence that Kinga Africa’s goal is to bring smiles of a lifetime to Kenyan children; he perpetually emulates this goal by bringing selflessness, passion, and the biggest smile the world has witnessed to every site he goes to. While passing out our supplies to the children and teachers, the kids were taken aback by these seemingly foreign devices we were providing them. The more they learned how to use them, the more they smiled. Knowledge truly does facilitate happiness in Kinga Africa.

I'd like to say a big thank you to "Kinga Africa" team and especially to Francis J He was our friend, brother and father. Working in clinic was different than in Lithuania, it was really hot, sometimes equipment did not work, but I saw a variety of different clinical cases and patients were thankful for a new smile, so it was the best gift for me.We have visited many schools, met many amazing children and educated children on healthy dental hygiene habits. I've got a feeling, it's hard to explain. I was so happy. Volunteering in Kinga Africa was really great adventure for me, I met wonderful people and learned a lot from Kenya people. I still remember Jackie's big smile, brown-eyed children, best tasting mangoes in the world...I am not first time volunteer, so I can recommend "Kinga Africa" like a high reliability organization. Volunteering helped me to find new friends, learn new skills.


Kinga Africa's slogan is smiles of a lifetime and bringing smiles to these children is what Francis knows best. Muthama has been passionate and selfless about Kinga Africa and it's through his able leadership that Kinga is where it is today. He has made me realize that it's the small things that we do which matter most and it's in not how much you give but the love that you put into that you are giving the smiles of a lifetime. It's always a pleasure working with him.I have been volunteering with Kinga Africa for a while now and it's such a rewarding experience every time I put a smile on the faces of those little ones. It's more amazing to see how the children are eager to learn basic hand hygiene and oral health, a subject that seems to have been alien to them. We teach them how to wash their hands and brush their teeth and issue them with brushes, toothpaste and soap.

"I have just got back to Sweden from a 3-month stay in Kenya. During this time I spent four weeks with Kinga Africa and throughout this time I got to see very many children, most of them who had never seen a white person. We held lessons about how to and why you should wash your hands and the same regarding tooth brushing. After the lessons the kids was provided with toothbrushes and soap and practiced their new knowledge out on the schoolyard.  I also participated in a dental camp that was hosted by Kinga Africa. This was a great experience for me as a dental student. What Kinga Africa does is to raise the knowledge about how important it is to brush your teeth’s to be able to keep them at a higher age. Oral heath status in Kenya is still very poor and the best thing to prevent this in the future is information to the younger population. Thank you Kinga Africa and all the people I have worked with, and of course a special thanks to Francis."

- Cody Pajunen, USA

- Alvyda Andriekutė, Lithuania

- Teopard Mukundi, Kenya

 - Felicia Lardsdotter,  Sweden

Are you a dental profession?

Calling all Dental Health Professionals to help in Kenya to educate communities about dental health and to participate in dental health camps.


Teaching children the importance of washing your hands!

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Why not come to Africa, you can help children learn about heath and hygiene, and spend some free time exploring the great magical Kenya.