Volunteer at Home

We have a number of open opportunities for volunteering at home Current Volunteer Opportunities

a) Volunteer Program Organizer (several from different countries)

This volunteer will be involved in providing information to volunteers who wish to donate their skill and time either in Africa or at their home countries. S/he will organize volunteer trips, dental missions to Kenya and volunteer meetings (virtue or physical).

S/he will be the link between the project and the volunteers.

This role will also include networking and linkages with potential dental schools, practices, and other institutions, with the aim of marketing and mobilizing volunteers towards the project.

The Organizer will also create soft copy correspondence materials for use on Kinga Africa’s website and social media platforms.

S/he shall also ensure that volunteers are well appreciated and keep connected after their volunteer trips.

a) Social Media personality/Blogger

The project needs to manage vibrant and extensively informative social media pages; for this reason, the project needs an individual who can package information and share it on all the social media platforms.

Managing these pages and blogs will need a passionate individual who will take charge of the project’s online presence.

c) Fundraiser/Grant writer (several)

The purpose of this role is to create linkages and partnerships between the project and Corporations. The goal is to seek support for the project in terms of sponsorships, donations and grants.

This person will approach companies, schools, dental practices and other organizations (physically or through writing) to publicize the project and seek support.

In liaison with the Kenyan office and other volunteers supporting

Kinga Africa, these people will develop fundraising materials and directly connect with potential supporters in his/her country and beyond. She/he shall be free to organize local events, fundraisers and dinners among other things to help raise resources for the project.

d) Newsletter Writer

To keep our partners and supporters up to speed with what is happening on the ground, the project is looking for a volunteer to organize information and reports from the project into a newsletter.

Other duties will be sharing information to the relevant people, working with the other volunteers in other departments and the staff in Kenya, and building a database of newsletter recipients.

The person will also participate in writing newspaper and journal articles on behalf of the project.

She/he will also organize the posting of all the newsletters and other articles on the project website.

Volunteer Benefits

All volunteers with Kinga Africa shall receive appreciation certificates after every six months. Their work stories shall be featured in the project’s newsletters, website, and social media sites.

Together, our volunteers will receive amazing gifts, cards, etc. every so often from Africa. The volunteers will receive timely project updates and progress reports.

They will also receive recommendations from the project if requested.

Thank you very much for your support in helping the children and people of Kenya, Africa